Sariella 3D Appliqué

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We first shared this little tutorial on our Instagram account and are now sharing it here for easy access!

We love this technique for creating adorable little minis and accent pieces or adding an extra special touch to any quilting project. We created this sample using butterfly shapes, but get creative! You can fussy cut any fabric motif or cut your own shapes out of solid or small print fabrics.

Iron (optional)
Pellon 809 Decor-Bond
Fray Block by June Tailor(other fray stopping products do not have the same effect)


The 3D fabric shapes are made stiff using Pellon 809 Decor-Bond. Begin by cutting your 3D accents oversized (you will trim to shape later) and fuse the Decor Bond to the back.


Fray Block is used to help seal the edges and prevent fraying after cutting. Apply the Fray Block around the perimeter of your shape, extending inside and outside of where you will trim. You do not need to cover the entire shape, just around the area where you will trim. You want even, but light, coverage. Be careful not to oversaturate as Fray Block is watery and can dispense quickly.

The outline of Fray Block will be wet and visible at this point. Let the piece sit for a minute or two and then press with a medium hot dry iron until the Fray Block is no longer visible. Letting air dry may result in a visible outline. I always recommend doing a test on your fabrics.



Once all your 3D accents have been interfaced and the fray block applied, trim them to your desired size and shape.

You are now ready to attach your 3D appliqué pieces to your project. Though we made our sample shown here into a mini quilt, you can use this technique on a variety of projects and will see some additional ideas later in the post.


Our finished mini is 6.5″x20″ and we used a solid piece of fabric for the background. If making a mini, first quilt and bind your background as to not damage your 3D shapes while doing these steps later.

To attach the 3D appliqués, stitch a straight line thru the center of the body. Finger press the wings up to create the 3D effect and HUZZAH ✨! You now have an easy and adorable piece in no time at all!



finished detail

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Below are some additional examples of various 3D shapes and project applications. You can also see more under the hashtag #sariella3Dapplique on social media. Please share your own projects using this tag so everyone can be inspired!

If you have any questions about this tutorial, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us here.










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